Feb. 27th, 2013

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I forget Dreamwidth exists, but I do remember what was going on with LJ when it came into being, and when I started migrating here. I wonder if now there's actually enough content to be able to have fun with this place like I do with LJ, especially after FL's clusterfuck.

I'm thinking about working on transferring the Non-Binary boards and Shit In My Inbox over from Fetlife, if nothing else, because I don't know if I want to stay on FL anymore, honestly. It's not even like I used it a whole lot, either.

Might even start a sustainability-focused group, too, if one isn't already here.
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So I will be crossing over the non-binary groups and likely Shit In My Inbox, I've decided. I've also decided to go ahead and start a sustainable group because ynot? I think I have enough resources and shit to actually get it kinda started, anyway.

But there are a couple other groups I participate in on FL that I'd like over here, and IDK if I should make them or hope someone else will. Something like Trainspotting, for a start, and of course SAPA (if for no other reason that it is entertaining). I doubt the CSPC groups will make it over here despite having the ability to make a comm 18+ only, but hey.

... And I'll pry just let my joke groups die, in honesty. Even Ms. Pumpkin Tart's Seductive Tea Party, unless there're enough people who care to listen to my silliness THAT MUCH.


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