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I of course mean the livejournal community.

Been a lot of WIC suck posts lately, and while some really try to be sensitive and not go that route, it still opens the floor to some nasty commentors. =/ I do have to wonder if one of these days I'mma be labeled a "welfare queen" for daring to be factual about WIC.
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And right before making sure the clutter in the front part of the house is out so that the nearly $500 my mom is spending on deep cleaning isn't wasted on moving my shit/throwing out garbage we can throw out ourselves.

So, I want to keep a record of what happened for memory reasons, but I apologise if this is jumbled. The last med they gave me before I was discharged was dilaudid, which I was told was just an opioid and a narcotic when I asked if it was an analgesic, and it turns out it is indeed an analgesic. So I'm a bit loopy and dealing with the increased synethestia because of it. 8D Anyway.

I've had a bad cough productive cough since Friday, mucus being yellow, and was already planning on going to the clinic today. Yesterday, I thought I'd get some fresh air and went to buy girl scout cookies (om nom nom!) because hey, the grocery store is within walking distance and Military RD is no worse breathing than my house right now (hence the deep cleaning). Found I was light sensitive in the face, enough that I couldn't wear my glasses, groaned and dealt with it. Oh and before we left I checked my temp - 97.7. Not unusual, but a touch high for me. Checked in part because I had a headache towards the front of my head/around my sinuses that was making me feel warm.

Ended up taking my shirt off and just wearing my coat while at Walgreens buying non-night time Robitussin, cus that shit makes it so I don't injure myself coughing, and I was told it's safe to take -- that's how hot I was (and it wasn't even that warm outside!) Because of this, I decided to check my temp when I got home: 98.1. Still within normal range, but an increase nonetheless.

By this point, the headache's worse, and my neck's a little stiff, but I didn't think much of it still, just felt miserable. Wasn't coughing as much because the cough suppressant was doing a fine and dandy job, but when I did cough I was still seeing stars, ugh. I'm trying to remember the exact point when things felt way worse, but can't. Somewhere in there I was also frustrated with Ashlee's latest round of egotism, [personal profile] ecchiblue had gone to lay down for a bit, and mom and Ashlee went out to eat at Azteca, then bring other stuff home (though all I knew when they left was that gram wanted oysters and she wanted mom to bring home queso and chips). So I was alone drifting and dealing with pain for a good couple hours. Realized mom and Ashlee hadn't come home yet at like almost 8, when they'd left about 6, started to panic, called ecchi but ze didn't wake up (not a big deal as I was talking to one of my best friends and could stay calm, but pregnancy paranoia sucks).

After they got home and ecchi woke up, I noticed the headache was worse, as was the stiffness in my neck, and that not only did my eyes feel dry and swollen, but they looked swollen (in fact, my whole face looked swollen). Coupled with bad, burny lower back pain and the cough coming back worse, I checked my temp again: 98.6. Still not a fever, but now it's climbing. So I called the nurse desk at Labor and Delivery because, hey, they're nurses, right? and was asked if I'd taken tylenol. I said no, but I had intended to, and was told to do so, then if the headache (because my temp wasn't that much of a concern) didn't go away after awhile, to go into the ER because that's pretty serious for a pregnant person. So I did, and decided if it didn't go away in half an hour, we go.

This was at about 9ish. At about 9:30 ish I noticed it hadn't abated much and was miserable, so I took my temp again: 99.3. Okay, not really in the "normal" range anymore, so ecchi's like "We're going." ... To which I stalled a lot and took a long time to get dressed before calling because I started to panic: "What if they tell me it's nothing and I shouldn't have come in?" Seriously, not just what I thought, but what I asked zir. And I started crying, or at least trying to because eyes swollen.

Obviously we went (and ecchi did well to deal with my doc anxiety, which btw is steadily getting worse the more times I go to the ER), but when I called 911 - I was already starting to dissociate - I got asked a weird question and almost hung up/had a full blown attack. I mean, I guess it wasn't weird per se, but they'd never before asked if I knew the numbers for a cab or ambulance company when I called 911 before, or asked if I really wanted fire and rescue to come out, because they don't transport, they just triage. It kinda triggered the "Do you really want to press charges?" from last year when I had to call the cops on Ashlee for hitting me. ... Which I only just now realized that's why the question freaked me out. Granted, the dispatcher didn't ask the question like the cops did AT ALL, she was very nice whereas I regret not reporting those motherfuckers, but yeah, sick, painy, bad headspace already, etc.

So Fire and Rescue gets out here, does the usual, asks LOTS of questions and agrees I should def go in because of coughing up yellow mucus, given that's a sign of infection. I get all strapped in and off we go. Get to St. Francis and I have to wait in the lobby after intake because they have zero rooms available - it's hella busy (and just stays steadily busy almost the whole night). Finally I get a room, doc asks all the routine pain questions (and of course allergies etc.) and based on my answers orders me Vicodin and Zofran.

She then tells me exactly what she's going to do after that, which come to think, is incredibly refreshing. First it's a flu swab, urine sample, chest x-ray, and a blood test. Then, if the flu swab and blood test come back negative for flu and pneumonia, it's a spinal tap because of the possibility of meningitis (and believe me, that is EXACTLY why I went into the ER, fear of it being meningitis). So we do that, and there's lots of little silly shit in between that doesn't matter, like joking with the nurse or the Radiologist not realizing I'm pregnant cus I don't look pregnant sitting down, etc.

So I get the Zofran pretty quick and that helps a lot (did I mention I'd been throwing up tiny bits since this morning with the cough? No, sorry, forgot to mention. And by tiny bits, I mean little bits of ginger ale and other liquids I'd been drinking.) Then I get the Vicodin and an IV of saline, and jesus CHRIST do drugs work fast in my system. I was a touch worried about the Vicodin because my mom has a codeine allergy, but it did exactly what it was supposed to and more: it took most of the pain away (my back STILL hurts), and kinda woke me up, which allowed the fact that I'm manic to go uninhibited. So for the first, oh, four hours I was in a pretty good mood... and wearing ecchiblue out like mad.

The test results come back, they're negative, so the doctor comes in and explains what happens with a spinal tap, what the complications are, and tells me I have to sign a separate consent form. My only question: localized anesthetic? Her answer was a very strong yes. xD

... The first injection of the anesthetic really, really stung. Like, I growled stung. But the second injection didn't sting hardly at all, and the spinal tap itself was just uncomfortable. And yeah, yet again amazed at how fast drugs work in my body, JFC.

I'm not 100% sure what else happened between that and getting the results because manic and stuff, but it was mostly uneventful for us while they dealt with new patients coming in - I think an accident patient, a patient who was involuntarily brought in, and a patient who'd arrived at the same time I had had gone Code Grey. So yeah, very busy night.

That, thankfully, came back negative. Oh, and before I took the Vicodin, they got a fetal heartbeat to make sure Shannon was okay. As per usual, he was golden. Anyway, for the urine sample, nurse hadn't told me it had to be clean catch, so I had to give another right after the spinal tap, and I really couldn't give much of one. =/ Couldn't even feel my bladder.

And now I remember, after giving the sample and stuff, I went from being okay and in a good mood to being sluggish as hell, disoriented, and barely able to talk. I think the vicodin wore off and so my body was reacting to that, but I'm not sure. But I definitely had a "drop" feeling mentally.

When I told the nurse that, she went back to the doc, who prescribed Dilaudid, and yeah, this is where things get really blurry. But at some point I was told I def do not have meningitis, and so the likely culprit is bronchitis, and I'd be getting abx. And that the urine sample still wasn't completely clean, so they weren't 100% sure I had an infection, but got me abx for that anyway, just in case. Which makes me wonder if most of my UTI diagnoses are due to me just not being able to give a completely clean sample? idk.

Someone from L&D came down to check on the bebe, which took a bit because, hey, who knew Vicodin makes unborn bebes sleepy? (as the nurse put it, lol), but he'd been active almost the entire time I was in the ER, and kept kicking the monitors, which made her happy with the results. Once again, baby's doing swimmingly, whereas mom is not. Then I got the Dilaudid - L&D nurse asked my nurse not to give it until after her monitoring because it would make the baby's results flat and thus useless - and... wow. I actually think I went into a bit of shock after being administered that. I mean, he's all like "It will make you drowsy, so lie back" and I'm a bit disoriented already, so I didn't translate that as lie back now. Then it hits my system and it's like a gravity bomb came over me. It scared me really badly.

When this was told to my other nurse, she was like "Okay, we'll put off discharging you to make sure you're okay" so it was an hour before discharge papers. And before the dilaudid I'd gotten another shot of Zofran, and when she said that I'd gotten yet another shot of Zofran because again I was nauseous - although that was more because immediately after getting it my senses kinda melded together and sounds were making me motion sick. Not lying. Also I was tasting smells through (not at) the back of my throat and all sorts of other trippy shit.

But yeah, finally at some time after 5 AM, I got discharged. I felt fine (still rather do), but wasn't walking super well, so pry not all that fine. Forgot I'd mentioned that the car ride home would be fun after the dilaudid and sure enough it was like being on a roller coaster... in a really, REALLY bad way. Upon getting home I p. threw up as soon as I walked in the house kind of bad way.

So all in all it was a very tiring, trippy experience, but I'm rather happy, because I know what's making me cough so fucking much and it's not going to kill my baby! (no srs, if I were not pregnant I wouldn't've even gone in, but lung infection while pregnant is scurry). And uh yeah.

Now I gotta get to cleaning because the maids will be here at 10. =x Sorry if this makes NO SENSE AT ALL.

Edit: I forgot how cuts work.
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And I'm too sick to deal with his shit in living off the grid.

And speaking of, I'm also too sick to update the SL community, so I can get that ball rolling. >;

I hate being sick.
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So I will be crossing over the non-binary groups and likely Shit In My Inbox, I've decided. I've also decided to go ahead and start a sustainable group because ynot? I think I have enough resources and shit to actually get it kinda started, anyway.

But there are a couple other groups I participate in on FL that I'd like over here, and IDK if I should make them or hope someone else will. Something like Trainspotting, for a start, and of course SAPA (if for no other reason that it is entertaining). I doubt the CSPC groups will make it over here despite having the ability to make a comm 18+ only, but hey.

... And I'll pry just let my joke groups die, in honesty. Even Ms. Pumpkin Tart's Seductive Tea Party, unless there're enough people who care to listen to my silliness THAT MUCH.
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I forget Dreamwidth exists, but I do remember what was going on with LJ when it came into being, and when I started migrating here. I wonder if now there's actually enough content to be able to have fun with this place like I do with LJ, especially after FL's clusterfuck.

I'm thinking about working on transferring the Non-Binary boards and Shit In My Inbox over from Fetlife, if nothing else, because I don't know if I want to stay on FL anymore, honestly. It's not even like I used it a whole lot, either.

Might even start a sustainability-focused group, too, if one isn't already here.


Jun. 11th, 2010 04:40 pm
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I am Vettorre/GreenSquiggly on LJ. Anddddd.... I'll figure out something more constructive to post later.


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